What Happened To Real Men?

As for my final assigned blog I plan to address a similar topic to my last. It has to do with some fads with males as the target. I can see why women get into fads like what to wear and all that, but thought us guys were supposed to be strong and independent of all that stuff. Why is it that guys get all prettied up like a bunch of women now days. I know that in the old days we were expected to be strong, supportive, independent, brave, and patriotic. Now it is cool to be lazy, ignorant, pretty, and selfish. Why is that, how did that come to be? why isn’t it cool to join the military like it used to be. Why is it that we aren’t into politics and intelligence anymore. I know that our forefathers roll around in their graves every time a “man” avoids hard work and for every eye brow hair plucked out of their faces.


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