What Happened To Real Men?

As for my final assigned blog I plan to address a similar topic to my last. It has to do with some fads with males as the target. I can see why women get into fads like what to wear and all that, but thought us guys were supposed to be strong and independent of all that stuff. Why is it that guys get all prettied up like a bunch of women now days. I know that in the old days we were expected to be strong, supportive, independent, brave, and patriotic. Now it is cool to be lazy, ignorant, pretty, and selfish. Why is that, how did that come to be? why isn’t it cool to join the military like it used to be. Why is it that we aren’t into politics andĀ intelligence anymore.Ā I know that our forefathers roll around in their graves every time a “man” avoids hard work and for every eye brow hair plucked out of their faces.



As I walk around I see person after person after person with multiple piercings and/or several tattoos. Now when I see this I have to stop, tilt my head, and ask myself a few questions. I would like to know, why are tattoos so cool, and why did stretched ears become so popular. Why do people get the same exact tattoos, I thought tattoos were supposed to be personal, and how do they not fear how stupid they will look later on in the future when they are older and have a bunch of tattoos they never even truly liked or have any real connection with. And how do the same people that follow the fads yap on and on about individuality and how there is no one like them? How does that make any sense!

High School, Blah.

Since i have been in high school I have noticed that teenagers are amazingly stupid, mean, “fake,” dramatic, ungrateful, annoying, single minded, immature people, generally speaking. But most of all I have noticed that teenage girls and adult women are unrelentingly rude and vicious to one another. Not that men are not but we do not hold grudges usually, as they usually do. I have never had any problems with male friends but I have had problems with multiple female friends, every problem was strikingly similar. I can go years without fighting a male friend but never once with a female. And guys can literally physically fight one day and be friends the next. Why can’t females? I just do not understand it.


Another question that comes to my mind as I sit here at my table writing and watching TV is, at what age are you supposed to grow out of cartoons. Is there even and age? And what does the lasting love for cartoons mean? does it mean immaturity or purity and artistic respect. If you ask me, cartoons are so much better than reality TV for several reasons one being we already live in reality! And as I get older I realize a whole lot of cartoons are not even appropriate for children anyway. Even Spongebob has some suggestive material, no examples come to mind but I remember noticing a few things. All I am saying is TV should be used to escape reality not see unrealistic portrayals of reality through shows like the “Real Housewives.”


So all of my life I have been considered by some people to be a “no-lifer,” because I do not go out and party ever weekend and because I never ever drink or smoke or do any of those other things they enjoy so much. But what is the difference, we are just doing what we enjoy right? and would those other people drink and smoke if it was not for the face that is the cool thing to do? And if you you sit around and play video games with friends via the internet is that not still socializing in a more pure and fun way?

Musical Taste

There is a subject that comes up quite frequently in my group of friends, and that is Music, the most magnificent thing in the world. People have asked me the question, “would you rather be blind or deaf” and I always reply blind, because music is far to amazing not to experience. With that being said, my point in this post is why do people differ so greatly in music. I love almost every genre of music I know, but how are some people picky and others open. And what is it that makes some artists universally loved even between people who very greatly in musical taste.

Stop That!!

I have always wondered why people are always compelled to do the opposite of what they are asked, including myself. What i mean is when you say, “Hey stop that!” people continue. Especially for someone like me who is very ticklish. Being tickled is the most uncomfortable sensation in the world and people love to use it against me. But I am exactly the same but I have no idea why, because reverse psychology does not usually work in this instance either. I just wish i knew why, in some ways I can almost understand why. Like with cleaning my house or room, it is just so must easier to do if I am not ordered to do so.